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On May 19th, 2019, the theme of "The ultimate win-win, successful reproduction" MicroBT new product launch was held in Chengdu. MicroBT officially released the latest generation of Whatsminer M20 series bitcoin mining machine. The series consist of a total of five models, both adopting Samsung 8nm chip, and releasing the new Logo of MicroBT. The new logo is more image and more characteristic. The nominal parameters of the five models are as follows,


The highest hast rate model is Whatsminer M20S-68T. The officially announced power consumption ratio is 48W/T. Recently, we received the M20S-68T bitcoin mining machine. The following is the third-party independent experience review of the Whatsminer M20S bitcoin mining machine.

Whatsminer M20S-68T official parameters (standard mode)

Hash rate: 68T ± 5%
Power consumption: 3260W ±10%
Power consumption ratio: 48W/T


Whatsminer M20S-68T logistics package is relatively simple and compact, the industrial carton is attached with Whatsminer M20S-68T logo, SN code information, package size 485x230x355mm, weight 1230g ▼


The interior is reinforced with custom pearl foam, and it is wrapped in a transparent plastic dust bag inside the logistics and transportation until the protection of the host. ▼


Shenma M20S-68T comes with a power cord, the power cord is dedicated, according to the 16A standard configuration, wire diameter Ø3x1.5mm. (Note: the wire plug can only be fitted to the 16A jack, and the miner power connector can only be adapted to the 16A power cord interface) ▼


Whatsminer M20S-68T style is still a classic single-tube design, the appearance size is 390x158x240mm, weight 1140g ▼


The side of Whatsminer M20S-68T mining machine is the latest logo and mining machine series logo of MicroBT, and the other side is the precautions for use of mining machine: check before power on, prohibit touch when running, pay attention to moisture, use regulated power supply, need Professional maintenance, etc. ▼


The mining machine control board and the power interface side are air inlets, the air inlet fan is equipped with a metal shield, and the air outlet fan is not equipped with a protective cover ▼


Whatsminer M20S-68T internal details

Because the single-tube design is used, the Whatsminer M20S-68T is easy to disassemble. First remove the fixing screws around the control board, Remove the power supply line on the control board and connect the data cable of the power board to remove the control board ▼


Whatsminer M20S-68T and M10 use the same control board, the interface part is also consistent ▼



Remove the power supply screws and connect the screws on the power board connection piece to remove the power supply ▼



Whatsminer M20S-68T configuration power supply model is a new P20-12-3350-V1 power supply, providing 12v 265A and 12V 12A DC output, the nominal maximum power is 3350W ▼


Whatsminer P20 supply is full of materials. It uses the traditional dual-voltage mode of Whatsminer in the transformation. The internal division is divided into upper and lower parts. Two-stage low-pass is adopted. Two-way PFC is responsible for boosting, and two-way LLC is responsible for step-down. LLC is more efficient and has less loss. ▼


Whatsminer P20 supply has a programming interface, which can be controlled by software to adjust the voltage, and the adaptability is relatively strong. The use of two inductors and two transformers increases the cost but ensures a more stable power supply. An 8cm 12V 1.5A fan is used in the heat dissipation of the power supply. It is installed at the end of the power supply to take away the heat by means of ventilation. It can be exhausted instead of blown. Effectively prevent oxidation and water vapor intrusion, can also be used in some particularly wet mining environments, the thickness of the power supply shell is also good for heat dissipation ▼


***Power 16A Connector ▼


The heat dissipation of Whatsminer M20S-68T mining machine uses two 14cm 12V 9A fans of model PFC1412HE-00, which adopts the way of blowing air on the other side of the side.


Remove the cooling fan, remove the power board and the controller adapter board, and remove the mining board. ▼


The mining machine chassis is die-casted with aluminum alloy material, and the power board is inserted and fixed through the groove designed inside the chassis. ▼


There are 3 mining boards in Whatsminer M20S-68T mining machine. There are aluminum heat sinks on both sides of the power board. The aluminum heat sink has a high density. The two heat sinks are reinforced by 26 spring screws. ▼



After disassembling the heat sink, you can see the Shenma M20S-68T power chip. The heat sink and the chip are equipped with thermal silica gel. Each of the mining boards is equipped with 105 Samsung 8nm ASIC chips codenamed KF1920 ▼


The aluminum substrate on the back is coated with thermal grease directly in contact with the heat sink ▼


Whatsminer M20S-68T dismantling full disassemble ▼



Whatsminer M20S-68T installation configuration

❈ Before the machine is energized, it is necessary to make sure that the mining machine has no physical abnormalities, such as wire falling off or abnormal noise in the mining machine.
❈ Make sure that the power socket is connected to support 16A power. After confirming, plug the mining machine into the power cord and connect the network cable.

Find the IP address named "MicroBT" in the router of the local network or use the MAC address of the network card ▼


Open the browser, enter the IP address of the found mining machine in the address bar. Enter the login page, the default username and password are both "admin". Enter the machine console home page ▼


The console home page shows the current operation of the mining machine ▼


Click on the upper menu bar "Configuration/CGMiner Configuration" to enter the mine setting interface to modify the following items:

Modify the "Pool 1" main pool address
Modify the name of the "Pool 1 worker" (see the help of the mining pool)
Modify the "Pool 1 password" worker password (any alphanumeric)

Modify the spare pool "Pool 2" and "Pool 3" as needed. After the setting is completed, click the "Save&Apply" button to save and apply the set configuration. ▼


In the mining pool setting interface, you can also choose to modify the operating mode. The Whatsminer M20S-68T has two modes. One is the standard mode (Normal Mode) and the other is the low power mode (Low Power Mode). Click "Power" at the top of the page to enter the selection. After selecting it, click the "Save&Apply" button to save it.


Click "Configuration/Interfaces" to change the default IP address acquisition method from automatic acquisition to static IP address ▼


Click “status/CGminer Status” to return to the home page to check the current operation of the mining machine. Select “system/reboot” to restart the mining machine ▼


Whatsminer M20S-68T standard mode test

At present, the Low Power Mode is not available. The following we tested the standard mode for 24 hours.

The test environment temperature is about 28 degrees, the noise value is 50 decibels, and the power consumption is about 125W. Since the two 9A cooling fans run at full speed of 7200 rpm, the noise value reaches 102 dB. ▼


Whatsminer M20S-68T is in the automatic frequency modulation stage within the first 20 minutes after the operation. At this stage, the hash rate fluctuates between 14-19T, the power consumption fluctuates between 1100-2500W, the fan rotation speed fluctuates between 1000-2200 rpm, and the noise value It's quieter about 60 decibels. This time is a little longer. Every time you restart, you will have this process, which may be confusing. It is actually a normal phenomenon ▼


After about 20 minutes, the mining machine's calculation power will automatically rise to 68T quickly, and the mining machine running time will be calculated from 0. At this time, the mining machine will start normal operation. After normal operation, the measured power consumption is 3340W, and the close-range noise value is 93.7 decibel ▼


The side of the mining machine is measured at 45.3 degrees, the temperature on the outlet side is 59 degrees, and the position of the cooling fan bearing on the outlet side is 66.5 degrees.


The temperature at the junction of the power supply and the power board is measured to be 37.3 degrees, and the temperature on the outlet side of the power supply is 48.3 degrees.


After 24 hours of testing, the power consumption will increase slightly when the ambient temperature increases. Because the power consumption of the whole machine exceeds 3000 watts, the temperature of the tested wire is also recorded. The temperature between the power lines is between 36-39 degrees. The highest point is at the power plug position, the highest measured 55.3 degrees ▼


After 24 hours of testing of Whatsminer M20S-68T,  the hash rate results are as follows: the average hash rate displayed in the control panel is about 69T, and the hash rate showed on the mining pool in 24 hours is 68.3T. The output is stable and the rejection rate is 0, resulting in a power consumption ratio of 48.9W/T ▼




After 24 hours of uninterrupted testing, the average power of the M20S-68T Bitcoin mining machine in the mining pool for 24 hours is 68.3T, the power consumption is 3340 watts, and the power consumption ratio is 48.9W/T, which is in line with the official nominal value. Because the power consumption exceeds 3000W in a single machine, the user should pay attention to the load bearing condition of the wire and socket when the mine is deployed. In addition, the ambient temperature of the mining farm will also have a certain impact on the energy consumption of the mining machine, so the good heat dissipation can not be ignored. Although the noise is slightly higher than that of the previous mining machine, the noise is often considered secondary in mass volume operation.

The power consumption ratio of Whatsminer M20S-68T is controlled within 50W/T, which maximizes the stand-alone hash rate of Bitcoin mining machine. It is the highest single-machine's hash rate in the industry, and the output performance has maintained the stable style of Whatsminer.

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